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The importance of stretching exercises

Any load shortens the muscles, which in turn creates excess tension in the muscle attachment points. The result is muscle tension and pain. In order to maintain good health and well-being, you need to keep your muscles flexible. By stretching, we can relieve muscle tension before it can have a negative effect. 

  • Regular stretching exercises reduce muscle tension and allow the body to relax.
  • Thanks to the effect of accelerating blood supply and metabolism, stretching exercises help remove toxic metabolic end products from the body and thereby reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Stretching exercises help prevent the development of stiff muscles, muscle pain and prevent injuries.
  • Stretching exercises improve the mobility of the joints and make it possible to perform the necessary movements in an economical and coordinated manner.
  • Stretching exercises also prepare the muscles for subsequent physical exertion, ensuring good muscle sensation, flexibility and preventing a decrease in joint mobility.
  • Stretching improves the ability to relax muscles as well as mental relaxation, ensuring a sense of well-being.
Remember that you only learn to stretch correctly by stretching regularly. In Zumba and Strong Nation training, we consider it very important to include stretching exercises in the training. 

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