Each of us is unique. Just think how boring the world would be if we were all exactly the same. Self-love and action is what helps us discover the best version of ourselves. Junglehouse is a personal, open-minded, non-judgemental community and wants to inspire people to find that dancing and strong within themselves junglelady, who lets himself go and lives in the moment. Through ZUMBA and STRONG NATION training, we support and guide you to an active and healthy lifestyle. We want to motivate people to live by their own rules. 



Zumba is a dance fitness training that uses Latin American rhythms and elements such as reggaeton, salsa, merenque, cumbia et al. The class is very versatile and emotional, and the training is also influenced by other dance styles. Zumba training improves physical fitness, destroys stress hormones, improves posture, increases alertness, increases muscle tone, accelerates metabolism, develops coordination and sense of rhythm, releases creativity and improves well-being both physically and mentally. Dance makes you beautiful and happy. Zumba is fun and different from anything you've ever thought of as exercise.

 Zumba are the main rhythms merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton. Merengue is a style of music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Initially, it was a very serious dance, but later it has become more fun and sensual. Merengue is fast-paced, and the characteristic steps of the dance come from stepping to the beat of the drums of the slaves who worked in chains in the sugarcane plantations. Today, various Latin American artists have united merenguet housei and with hip-hop. Salsa is a style of music and dance of Caribbean origin. Movement on the dance floor is quite compact and the basic steps move forward and backward. Salsa music usually consists of complex percussion rhythms and is fast, sometimes the music is slower and more romantic. Cumbia is a dance and music style that originated in Colombia. It is a mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African cultural elements. Cumbia is a Colombian folk dance. It is a dance with a very peculiar and pleasant energy. reggaetoni the music and dance style originates from Puerto Rico and is a great mix of hip-hop, reggaeand Latin American music. Reggaeton is a combination of hip-hop and dance hallof steps i. It is one of the most popular music genres at the moment. Zumba training these styles have been adapted and combined with each other. 


 The dances are simple in structure, so that every participant can dance along immediately.

During the class, you effectively train your muscles, including your heart muscle, and you can also enjoy good music and the positive energy generated by movement.
Thanks to intensive training, you burn calories and improve your physical condition.
After dance training, you feel good both physically and mentally. 


Strong Nation is a full body muscle workout where every movement is synchronized to music. It is a 30-minute workout. By using its own body weight, it develops endurance and muscle tone. In this intense and effective training, you will discover completely new aspects of yourself and find out how capable you really are. In training, you also need a mat. 


The training includes movement for young people, rhythms and dances - specially age-appropriate choreography. It is a fun and energetic exercise where participants can get to know different rhythms, gather new knowledge about the world, express themselves through movement and enjoy the magic of working together. Zumba workout develops coordination, endurance, sense of rhythm and self-confidence. An awesome and memorable workout guaranteed.



"I have been teaching classes for six years now. Dancing has been my hobby all my life
and movement is what makes the eye shine. I appreciate a very positive attitude towards life and
our JUNGLEHOUSE family gives it daily.” 


2017 Zumba Fitness Instructor (Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton)
2020 Zumba Kids & Kids Junior Instructor (Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton)
2022 Strong Nation Instructor
2022 Plate by Zumba
2023 CIRCL Mobility Instructor


2019 ZUMBA® RHYTHMS 2 (Flamenco, Samba, Belly Dance, Soca)
2020 ZUMBA® RHYTHMS 3 (Brazilian Funk, Bhangra, Afrobeat, Street Heat)
2021 ZIN Virtual Convention
2021 ZIN Academy Spain, Malaga
2022 Brazil, Africa, India, Garribean E-learning
2022 Zumba Glutes
2022 Zumba Core
2023 ZIN Academy UK, Manchester
2023 ZIN Academy Spain, Malaga